If You want Riot to Listen then we have to Speak LOUD, to do that ...

Honestly the only way I see Riot every actually Listening to us about the overloaded damage and wanting it to change is for us to Speak in a way that they are Forced to listen, and i dont mean tons of forum post or hate on reddit or twitter. to do that we would have to all gather up and literally just _**STOP playing the Game**_ this would force riot to reconsider their current design choices .... However as we all know, we aint gonna do that because too many of us are addicted no mater how stressed this game makes us we just keep playing ... and this is why riot doesn't have to change it, because we keep playing. So unless we speak Volumes and actually act on something and show them "hey we dont like this" other than forum and reddit post they prob ignore most of the time, nothings gonna change unless they decide hey lets try a different thing. So basically either we have to quit and hope they change the game and then come back ... or just deal with it and realize welp this is the game now ... burst city
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