Why I think Riot should put around a 90% focus on reworks and 10% on new champions

I can't be the only one who has been noticing a general trend with new champions. - {{champion:516}} Masterwork items and building items - {{champion:142}} Stealing summoner spells/items - {{champion:145}} Has her lil upgrades but doesn't exactly fit into my critera apart from an adc with a dash that's more than a screen length - {{champion:555}} Giving extra gold to himself and allies - {{champion:518}} Shape shifting into teammates - [chain champ] Hijacking ultimates All recent champion releases have had some sort of new mechanic that (more or less) breaks their kit. The best examples are {{champion:516}} and {{champion:142}} who have had to be given the Ryze treatment and nerfed to the ground so these 'new and exciting' mechanics don't make them super broken. The difference with reworks is that if Riot doesn't pull an Akali and take a reasonable mechanic (normal stealth in a small area) and completely break it (true stealth) it's okay. Let's take {{champion:28}} as an example. Her stealth works in a similar way that it did pre-rework, so it's completely healthy for the game. If they made a new champion that had her stealth passive they'd probably be able to get true stealthed in combat or something stupid like that. Riot has been doing this whole 'new fancy mechanics to keep up with the game' thing for a long time, it's just started getting a little crazy lately. Here are examples of unique yet acceptable abilities: {{champion:240}} 2 health bars/Skaarl {{champion:427}} Giving buffs to allies/Unique jungling styles {{champion:141}} Passive transformation {{champion:497}} {{champion:498}} Duo bot lane combo This can even go as far back as the release of the game! {{champion:26}} - Giving allies XP Everything I just mentioned are unique things that when they were released people were like 'wooooah' and they're not very broken in the slightest. This is because they were made with the intent of 'this seems kinda cool, let's do it' instead of 'okay what's the most insane thing we can do to keep these chimps happy', which is the wrong mindset. My next point is plain and simple: Riot's starting to run out of ideas. Now I'm not flaming them for this, after 140+ champions it's completely understandable that anyone would start running out of ideas. They're just going about this the wrong way. Adding crazier and crazier mechanics isn't the way to go, and stealing ultimates just seems kinda lazy. (Not from a coding perspective, from a creative perspective.) If we keep going down this road within 10 champs there'll be someone who can edit natural terrain and someone who can literally change the time of the game, and who knows what else? I think that Riot needs to drastically slow down on making new champions and just make more reworks instead. That way the mechanics in the game are generally defined and there's not much crazy new stuff tearing up the Rift. Kinda long post but TL;DR: Riot needs less new champs with insane/broken mechanics and more reworks with actual good/creative mechanics.
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