My one hope for Season 10: Bigger, more complex Rift.

One of the biggest problems right now is jungling. Too much presence in lane, and likewise, nothing to do once you full clear as a jungler except gank, try to get an objective, or back/buy. So, why not give Summoner's Rift more... stuff? More stuff to do, I mean. For everyone. Let's put some fortresses in lanes, let's throw more camps, more mind of environments, more objectives that aren't just buffs: warding towers, environment changing tools in the jungle, let's be able to create walls and take down walls, let's take control of camps and use an army of Gromps to bust down a tower or two. As a jungle main. I want more to do besides just... kill things. Blast cone - kill it to move Scrying plant - kill it to reveal things to kill Fruit plant - kill it for hp/mana to go kill things Scuttle- kill it for vision Kill drags, kill barons, kill champs... It's stale as hell. Why can't we have some more things to do that are about STRATEGY? Tremors sensing trinkets, scouting flying wards, heatseeking critters that follow the footprints of chips through the fog of war, little moles that dig around for gold left over from previous battles as a slow rate... there's so many options and ideas for fun and cool shit to do and besides just gankgankgankgankgank. Let's make the lanes farther apart so ganking REALLY feels like a surprise. Give the laners more chances to 1v1 or 2v2. If a jungler decides to gank, maybe the other jungler can be focusing on tactical options that are just as impactful as kind gold. Bring events into SR like Nexus Blitz with scuttle racing. Introduce a super rare creature that runs around the Fog of War sometimes giving a 30 sec URF buff. Let's get capture the flag in and securing the enemy's flag gets you buffs and vision. Why the hell not? League needs to feel fun and fresh and exciting again, and less reliant on what champs you pick and what meta is defined. Just throw it all at the wall and see what sticks!!!!
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