I dont think ive played a game with worse skill leveled players

Im pretty sure this is the only game ive played where players that are tiers above or the top .2% of players or whatever can just get shit on by reallllly bad players. Every other game I played the players at the top ranks are actually good. When I play this game diamond 1s are losing lane to gold players lOL for instance a plat 5 (new to plat) support main playing adc just utterly destroyed my d5 adc main. That shouldnt even be possible in the slightest. Ive played alot of competitive games too this game has by far the worst skill level of any. Also reasons I dont play normals. Entire team is diamond feeding and trolling platinum 4 noob players. Games still going on for 30 min though because why surrender? Brain isnt even working anyways looking at grey screen talking to random virgins is fun!!
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