League is toxic because you can't vent any frustration in any form

https://i.imgur.com/4RU7ocT.png?noredirect And all it's doing is causing people to internalize their rage and hate the game. I have seen so many streamers quit league because they know they can be punished for their actions irl and have their account banned. It's incredibly frustrating and unfair. At least with this Tribunal the WHOLE story could be know and multiple people could weigh in a person's fate. This auto bot bullshit is annoying, you can't even ask people to leave you're lane because it can be seen as toxic even if your team decided to ARAM in your lane giving the enemy team an advantage. I swear league is turning more and more into the setting for the purge and soon someone is going to set up a game that completely rips off league and just let's players go absolutely nuts. You can't even banter without getting banned. Do you know why console is still so popular despite PC being superior? Because you can have fun, and BM, and dab on people. Playing league now is like playing Mario party and expecting everyone to quiet and happy. Fuck no! Everyone knows that when Mario party comes out we are taking no prisoners. Half of being competitive is talking shit and we as gamers have had our inherit right of smack talk stripped from us. You can't even type calculated or worth in all chat without being seen as toxic. https://i.imgur.com/4RU7ocT.png?noredirect TL;DR - LET GAMERS TALK SMACK DAMMIT! [No I have never been punished but this current system is just honestly frustrating and bullshit. I honestly read books more while playing league and league is just something to do in the background]
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