I personally don't agree at all with people's issues with the PAX event

and yeah i'm a dude. i don't feel insulted. no one was insulting me. we need to do better in my opinion. that's what i feel. people who were politely upset, people who wanted to know why, they're fine, and not who the tweets were talking about. it's possible for us to step back and not take it personally, and the company is not taking a step back by attempting to make reparations as for reverse sexism, again, as a guy i don't really think that's even a thing. you can discriminate against men for sure, but that just isn't sexism; that's discrimination against men. and the cultural nuances of it differ entirely from what has been accepted as sexism. most importantly, discrimination against men does not have the same history as sexism; men have never had the same problems as women as a result of discrimination. to be honest, reverse sexism feels a lot like a tool to use against minorities standing their ground, the same way reverse racism has been used historically. whenever it's used it feels like it's used as a deflection from the original conversation. they never address the history of sexism, or the history of men being the oppressors. instead of dismantling the argument, they declare sexism, without confronting the underlying truth. the "balance of power" hasn't shifted all of a sudden, and we are not in danger of being oppressed. this segregation is not morally damning the men who can't come to the event. riot isn't passing judgement on anyone, they're creating a space that is completely free from our voices because sometimes it's just not our conversation. that's not oppression, and that's a fact. i strongly feel there's no case for this whole thing being a real issue, even if it isn't the most graceful way they could have gone about it. as for how the rioters have responded to the feedback, they've said their piece just as we all are free to do the same. company PR around messy issues can't always be perfect, but if people are speaking their minds then you at least get to know where things are at. **that being said, people who are quitting as a result of these issues means league's going to have more people like _me_. **and league isn't going to die without the people who are leaving. i don't think so many men whose continued patronage depends solely on riot's PAX event catering to them comprise the playerbase as a whole that it would meaningfully compromise their profits. not to tell you that you can't boycott a company when you take issue with them, because that's exactly what you should do. i'm definitely not out here to respond to point by point rebuttals, because i'd rather just have my opinion out here, so just a disclaimer in case you're expecting a reply.
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