Can Conqueror PLEASE be removed from the game

It is the sole reason why Riven is strong She can stack the whole conqueror easily on lvl 1 You cannot stay far away or else you lose XP, and if u are on the edge of XP range she can dash and q towards you, stun you and easily stack the conqueror again You cannot play against her, and if you can, you will be camped by the enemy jungler just like me every game I play against her With old Morde I could win against her, but because he is reworked I cannot even get to play the champion Please remove Conqueror from the game, that way maybe even new Morde will be balanced Listen to your playerbase for once Why did you compensate for her nerf on E That only made her stronger And none of this would be happening if that rune wasn't meant to be OP on like 5 champions and useless on others Now go ahead and tell me that I am bad or that I "do not belong in my elo" even though I climbed to Platinum by myself 2 seasons in a row Some things are just not meant to be it seems
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