Looking for an Adc Duo?

Hiya, so I'm a support main, mostly ardent slave. But I would be willing to learn other supports you prefer ... the only non-ardent slaves I really play are Morgana and Leona haha. Anyhow I was silver something last season, almost made it to gold at one point but never really made to much effort at climbing. I'm often very busy so I will not be always able to duo and I am not looking to get crazy about ranked, just more of a casual climb. I just do not wish to play ranked by myself for most experiences as a solo q support for me aren't great. Sorry for the very kind of all over the place ... whatever this is, wasn't exactly sure how to form this haha. If you wanna play a bit/talk about ranked add me and I can give you my discord. Disclaimer: My mic often kind of sucks, I like background noise so you'll probably hear that, and I'm not always able to use my mic Wow I'm not really selling this here am I lmao. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
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