Genuinely, why does anyone give a shit about Tyler1?

How anyone can "enjoy" watching his stream is far beyond me. I bet those are the same people who watch Trick2G troll every game while screaming at his computer screen for several hours and earn money for it. Screw curing cancer, we need to employ the world's top scientists to figure out why Tyler1 and Trick2G (and presumably several others like them) are getting any kind of attention at all. And anyway, hasn't Tyler1 been permabanned like, what, 17 times? You'd think he'd get the idea after 4-5 permabans, but the egghead is still here. Typical "alpha male" behaviour, he's simply an idiot, like all "alphas", and deserves no respect or sympathy (at least from me). Maybe I'm wrong, maybe he's actually a great guy irl, so prove me wrong. Inb4 mass downvotes by wannabe alphas who jack off to his stream XDD
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