Had the worst game of League in a long time.

I just had a ranked game for my Bronze I promos. I know, I suck, but I really wanted to try climbing. I pick Darius, and our DIana jungle comes top level 4. We get double killed. It's whatever, I can still come back, but then the Diana legitimately just rage quits level 4. I'm thinking, this game could still maybe be winnable. Then I look at what our Zoe mid is building. Full AD, with Statikk Shivv and Triforce. I get 16 kills and we lose. Please Riot, why do people get banned for saying mean things, but people don't get banned for leaving games and intentionally trying to lose? I just want to play League of Legends and not feel depressed after the game. Tell me, how is it so hard to ban people that intentionally try to lose or rage quit? It was so clearly the boards, so why? Why? Why?
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