Why Riot does not take the Boards seriously anymore.

How do we expect Riot to take us seriously, when we praise and upvote poorly constructed rant posts that provide no meaningful solution to a poorly explained problem? Just look at 3 of the top posts right now: "Nerf Pyke" "Nerf Lux" "Sylas Overloaded" None of these posts explain in detail what the problems with these champions are. And it's not just these 3. Almost all "Nerf Champion X" posts are constructed poorly. With the only thing written down being a poor description of said champion's kit and win/pick/ban rate numbers that may or may not be accurate. Hell, the 3 posts from above do not even mention numbers. "Oh, this champion has too many dashes and escapes." Um, Riot knows. What's your point? Do you think that a measly forum post will magically cause Riot to remove all of the said champion's mobility tomorrow? Suggest a solution to the problem and state the problem better other than a kit desctiption. "Oh, this champion is too strong, nerf it." So, what exactly is "too strong" with the champion? Do they deal too much damage? Are their defences too good? Are they too fast? Provide a real statement with evidence to back it up and possibly a suggestion for resolving the issue. You're not going to get a champion nerfed by typng "champ op pls nerf" over and over again. Posts like the ones above are the equivalent of childish screaming, which is what Riot treats them as. And the fact that people UPVOTE such posts and cause them to RISE TO THE TOP, just proves to Riot how immature and incompetent most of the Boards community is. Chances are, Riot wants to care, and wants to interact with the Boards, but thanks to childish actions we have slowly killed their desire to interact or care. If we want Riot to interact with us and take us seriously, than we need to prove that we are serious about our posts and game experience. And that we are serious about changing the game for the better. So, before you click "Post Discussion", please re-read your post, analyze it, and ask yourself if the posts solves any problems or provides meaningful information. And, please, do not write a post directly after a game loss. Because this is probably the exact way the posts i mentioned above have been produced. "Oh, i lost to a champion, therefore that champion is broken and i need to vent on the Boards.". Chances are, you are still feeling frustrated, which affects your thought process, leading you to type things you will most likely regret once you're in a more stable state of mind. This is how toxicity is born. I understant that letting out your feelings is important, but we do have a [RANT](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/rant) section for that. Please save the "Gameplay" section for meaningful arguments. The correct thing to do in the situation is to, after taking atleast an hour long break from the game, re-watch the lost matcg, study the "OP" champion,their runes and build, find what is their strongest pont, do some number comparisons, and when you are certain that the champion has a problem, then you can make your post detailing that problem, and suggesting a solution. And do not forget to re-visit your replayed mistakes. I know that most of you are lead to believe that you are "LoL gods who never make mistakes", but, trust me, you can learn alot from watching your replays. Happy posting.
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