Please don't let the next Star Guardian event be another fake event

Do you remember the old events? You know,when they added specific new gamemodes and missions to go along with it. But now everytime I hear "new event" I instantly visualize 4 new skins,1 prestige skin, season pass and a 4 week grind for 2 glorified hextech crates. I was already let down on one of the biggest money maker skin lines PROJECT. I thought maybe they will make a change to that,since it's so popular right? Wrong,same old 4 week grind with boring missions and nothing new. We are desperate for a new gamemode ok? It has been an entire goddamn year since the last real "event" (Odyssey). We get it that you guys don't even care about the game anymore and just want more money, but please at least make a differance this time. If you made quality content rather than a recolored season pass and fodder skins wouldn't you just get more attention from players and get more money? I know some of you people are going to defend Riot because they "need" the money from season passes and prestige skins. Well, do you people forget the amount of mad cash Riot makes from E-sports? They never needed to use Little Legends,prestige skins or season passes just a year ago. I believe Riot is making more than enough money by being the most popular game in the world. I also believe no one working for Riot will not get their salary because they had to make a new gamemode for an event. But it's completley fine if this doesn't happen though. I'm used to it,I bet alot of the players are used to it too. If the players are not pouring money from their wallets for it, then they don't want it. There's a difference between spending money and pouring money, Riot's Tencent overlords want you to pour your money. So you either do that or get no content. Actually now that I think about it, Riot didn't give proper attention to goddamn PROJECT,why would they give it Star Guardians? Prestige Neeko and another 4 week grind for 2 glorified hextech crates incoming. There is no other way for Riot to make money (!) ,right guys?
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