Stop Using LoLAlytics To Try To Prove Things

Seriously, it is one of the most _inaccurate_ sites I have seen. There are probably some 20+ League of Legends sites for statistics and it rarely ever has stats even close to the others. If you're trying to use that website to prove anything, your thread is a complete joke and should probably be taken as a meme. How about you actually start looking around at all of the rest of the stats websites and come up with multiple sources and citations to back up your claims, instead of solely relying on a single piece of information? Generally to prove anything (especially on a research paper) you need at least **THREE** sources, sometimes more. Only their developers would know why, but LoLAlytics is a major outlier among the different websites.. and it's annoying seeing all these different threads linking that website as some type of proof about how broken different champions are simply because their win rate is astronomical on that site (and usually is not on other websites). If you're going to post one website for evidence, post the rest of them. At least then you have a well supported argument with multiple sources proving whatever you're trying to bandwagon the rest of these boards on.
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