That feel when you run into an incredibly toxic person that you've played with just the other day

You see them on your team, and wonder how on earth this person hasn't been banned yet despite reporting them on each encounter. After seeing them viciously harass members on both teams in a game where people can get banned on the spot for using certain flagged phrases. Thankfully, someone dodges, and you notice that you're laning against them in loading screen. You do your best to tilt them, relentlessly harassing them from cs, setting up an early first blood gank for your jungler, all while spamming the glorious emote system Riot has blessed us with. They start foaming at the mouth, as is their nature, demanding that you stop while insulting you, fanning the flames and falling right into your trap. Their jungler ganks for them, but because they're so tilted, they over commit and you pick up the kill on them while managing to get away. Because of this predictable scenario, you know they are most certainly raging at their jungler, so you ask their team if they are inting, to which the jungler replies yes. You continue repeating all of the patterns above, smiling as they reveal their true nature, spewing several slurs, saying that certain kinds of people need to be shot among other things, accusations of trolling and blame flying everywhere. Others have caught onto just how toxic the individual really is and are all relishing the observation of the meltdown. The match ends, they're still ranting. The fruits of your efforts? Justice {{sticker:garen-swing}}
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