So this is punishable as well...?

I have once again ate another ban from the boards for the rule of "don't be a jerk". I had posted a link on a thread that was bringing something up in discussion about that rule and ate a ban for "thread hi-jacking" and "harassment". Both these remarks as to why are false. I'd like to reach out to the community once more and ask you to please let me know of your thoughts on this. This is the thread the comment was made in. That was the "..." for those curious. EDIT 2: To be clear Knight is NOT the one who issued the ban this time around so please do not go after him about this incident. Thank you. EDIT 3: So I have given this a full day and appreciate Jikker's response to this. For those curious the mod behind this punishment was "Ulanopo". EDIT 4: some of my post was removed by a moderator, but, to my knowledge, the post did not break any rules and I have not been officially warned or explicitly told if the removed parts broke any rules so I am putting the removed portions back in with the understanding that they do not break any rules as I was not formally warned or explicitly told anything was wrong with my post.
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