Ranked is rigged = Flat Earth

There, I said it. That's how you sound. C O N S P I R A C Y Because if you have even that most basic grasp on the science behind it, have any experience with the real world at all and have any amount of common sense, it SHOULD be impossible to hold this belief. I get that losing is frustrating, it sucks. It sucks losing where you can't do anyhing. It sucks losing games you should've won. It sucks when you try your hardest but you actually just move backwards. But to then go on and blame the world for not giving you what you want is just beyond sad. The notion that the system is out to get you is a super dangerous one. There are so many people thinking the government is poisoning them or whatever, or that THE WORLD IS A FKING DISC and NASA IS JUST TRYING TO TRICK US TO SELL THEIR DAMN GLOBES It is scary my dudes. An evenly made match will almost never feel like one. There is no way to match games so that all games feel fair. I get that some people just want to vent after some questionable losses, but if at the end of the day you truly believe there is some evil entity trying to stop you from achieving your goals, that is one step away from insanity. But If you are: really as good you think tilt proof play a decent amount of games You WILL climb. 100%. Cheers my friends
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