Riot, rehire Sanjuro

Not only that but give him back everything you took away by firing with a nullifying contract that reinstates all of his retirement and other benefits. Stand up to social media buillies and don't let sociopathic assholes who revel in the destruction of someone's career and life have their way. Demonstrate that you have compassion. Just because there are many people willing to take up arms at a hair trigger does not mean that they aren't overwhelmingly misrepresentation of normal people. This man did nothing wrong and firing him for some type of PR face-save is disgusting. You are dehumanizing humans by doing this. Everyone does and says stupid things and many times they are misunderstood jokes or sarcasm and not really how someone feels on a topic. By firing him you demonstrate that you are just as inhuman as any of these degenerates who relish in ruining other people's lives from the safety of anonymity. There is no human reason to fire him. Firing him is the least democratic thing you could possibly do. Don't be turbo hitler, Riot.
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