"Hey, uh... I can't hang out with you guys anymore. I'm cool now."

{{champion:36}} What pretty latex lady in helmet mean? {{champion:9}} She means she got a rework. {{champion:77}} You mean like me? {{champion:9}} No. You got a 20 dollar face-lift. {{champion:77}} But I'm cool though, right? {{champion:9}} You're still a bland and boring pile of garbage. {{champion:31}} SO WHEN WILL THE REWORKS COME? {{champion:77}} ... Right? {{champion:9}} That's a good question. Something you might want to bring up with Riot. {{champion:36}} What Riot? {{champion:9}} They're a small indie company. {{champion:36}} What Indie? {{champion:9}} It means they can afford to house hundreds of employees on one game and ignore the wants of their community for years on-end. {{champion:77}} ... Guys? {{champion:31}} SOUNDS LIKE FUN. {{champion:9}} So much fun. {{champion:77}} ... {{champion:77}} Yeah you're still cool, Udyr.
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