I Feel Bad for Junglers

I feel so bad for Junglers. While I'm not a jungle main myself, I've played enough to see why this role creates some of the most "toxic" players in the community. Much like ADC mains, but possibly worse. * For some reason; People think its your job to win their lane for them. It's Not. The Jungler is there to help generate leads by ganking, securing objectives, and denying the other jungler. And let me tell ya: nothing in this world is more tilting than jungling for a team where all 3 lanes are losing with no ganks from the enemy jungler. Now they all think its your fault for not being in 3 places at once. Now the enemy jungler has free reign over your jungle while you scramble to baby sit your team. Now you lose. Even when you are ahead, it doesn't matter if you coin flip into a team that can't play around you. Or feeds. I do not envy the jungle mains out there at all. Dealing with that garbage daily would turn most competitive players into scrubnoob, or tarzanned. I don't know how they do it.
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