What's the dumbest thing you've ever read in match/board?

At some point, we've all seen people say the dumbest shit from either being tilted, delusional, clueless, dumb, etc etc. I'm sure I said some stupid shit in my life. Anyway, to the point. For my case, there are 2. 1 from an ARAM game and another was a post in boards, months ago. 1st dumbest thing- It was an ARAM game. Enemy Twisted Fate wanted to report my ally Sona for cheating. Why? Because she was doing so much damage and had the most kills and scaled like crazy. What was her build you might be asking? Well for starters, she had Dark Harvest and items she went Lich Bane, Deathcap, and AP builds. The dude was tilted i guess. 2nd dumbest thing- there was a post on boards months ago, some dude saying that he reports every player simply for playing Akali. Regardless if enemy or allied team, win or lose, whatever. Because apparently playing a strong champ when she still had her true stealth is reportable offense as cheating. I guess certainlyt's toxic champs can create toxic players. Interesting theory. I don't know if i should laugh or just {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} but holy shit can people be that far up their own ass for this?
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