So, we know that the next marksman is...not so traditional.

Based on what a lot of people think, let’s just say that it is Senna. If it IS Senna, I know there have been a handful of people wayyyy before they even released the very first teaser who wanted Senna to be released as a support champion so she could team up with Lucian bot lane. <3 With that being said, what if the new marksman IS Senna, AND what if she’s League’s first SUPPORTIVE marksman (think Ana from Overwatch) (not utility marksman like Ashe — but rather, a TRUE supportive marksman)? And yes, I know Yuumi was released not too long ago, but she’s an enchanter. And support does not ALWAYS mean enchanter (Morgana, Thresh, Lux, Zyra, etc.). Just a thought...a hopeful, thought, I suppose. I enjoy playing supports and marksmen equally, so it’d be fun to play a champion that’s somewhere in the middle.
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