At this stage, new logos should just be plain text in Arial font or something.

#League of Legends Screen-cap that. Taadaa, new logo. Should I be receiving royalties from Riot anytime soon? I mean, it's not all that different to this now is it? It looks like it has the exact quality of how most people do with their school assessments (including me). Do a shallow font design and slap it onto an image you already used for and call it the game's logo. To be frank, it looks too derivative to be the one that would replace the current League's logo in my opinion. Hell, they use 2 different E's between "League" and "Legends" but reused the G and the L's, that just tilts and unsettles me so much. Pick a side, damn it. Riot, can you like, get some of your real artists onto the job for that, you know the ones who constantly put out magnificent works of art, instead of the whatever hack college "artists" you seem to have currently put onto your logo designs? Or maybe you've rushed your artists to the point they had to go with designs like these since they're so overworked they just couldn't be bothered. Or maybe it wasn't even designed by artists at all, but by some hack marketing committee which just has to drag artists through the mud (like that Sonic movie). Whatever the case, there is clearly a fair amount of problems I have with the logo, particularly the whatever circumstance that led to its creation and putting it out when it is CLEARLY unfinished. What's more, what's so bad about the original logos though? Yeah maybe some may say the old Riot Games logo is too clunky or something, but I am very positive that everyone thinks the current League of Legends' logo kicks all the asses. Not sure why you had to reinvent the wheels, especially when you're clearly replacing those sweet Goodyear tires with something someone hacked out of their backyard in an hour.
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