Jungle is ruined

Has anyone ever taken a second to realize that riot always puts one or two roles in the shitter to make another role insane? Currently, ADC is seeming to take over the game. Meanwhile mid lane is still dominated by no brain half tank half damage cc monstrosities that have insane roaming potential. Then you look at the jungle, and oh how they have fucked the jungle. As a jungle main myself, I feel the effects every game especially when the game revolves around early rotations to crab and if your team just doesn't feel like moving then you'll deteriorate compared to the enemy jungle just off one camp. Because the jungle is so absolutely dog shit that one or two crabs means a lvl and gold lead that slowly snowballs into you getting invaded constantly because the enemy jungler now also knows your team doesn't like to rotate. Which is also a recurring problem when you take into account the fact that crabs give an incentive to vertical jungle which can also be fucked by your team not rotating when you go to trade sides of the map and just get poked out of their jungle giving the enemy a 3 camp lead right off the jump. To make matters even worse camille actually routed this problem and made it bearable because she thrives off lvl 2 ganks, however, they just made her completely incompetent at jungling. So we're at the point now where you either pick the stronger jungler and hope your team will rotate to crabs and invades or just play ivern, sej, zac and leave it in the hands of your adc. That to me just seems insane that I play ranked to prove myself as a player, but instead, four of us are playing support for one guy and we just gotta hope that guy knows what hes doing. So far, season 9 has been a complete trainwreck. However, it is salvagable. In my personal opinion, they need to buff long range mages (not by too much i know how you operate riot) so we can force out these short range, neanderthalic mid laners and take a serious look at taking xp of kruggs and spreading it to the other camps in the jungle so we don't have to go to the outside of the map to get some decent xp. I would just say revert the jungle changes entirely but that would require riot to admit they were wrong which we all know is borderline impossible for them.
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