Why low elo is so bad

Let's think logically here. A major portion of league ranked is gold and below, many of which players have been playing longer than some high tier players and yet there are complaints that say low elo players have no clue how to play etc etc. I myself have been gold three different seasons in a row and noticed one thing. Since riot does not do hard ranked resets, those that played in the distant past and got clamped are seeing a different aspect of the game compared to someone smurfing and getting 30+ LP a game. With the game dmg so high, I myself climbed out each time as a tank main have no choice but to adapt whatever. The real problem is silver is saturated with fresh 30s that literally have no clue about the basics and even have questions during game like "is such and such champion ap or ad" I understand the game enough and have been playing since season 1. It's really frustrating to play with Smurfs, first time rankers, and unlucky long term players. It's beyond MMR issues, bottom elo is so bad because it literally can't match properly.
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