recent vibe saying that and MF flirtatious style and female nudity not healthy

recently,there is some opinion saying that female nudity and flirtatious mf style is not healthy for the game,what i want to say is that this is not a game only targeting for children,here is some market demand for this style,and some people pay MONEY for those skins with the flirtatious style. hence,i dont think it is good to change the character style and character skin. to response to the people who want MF to change style,i suggest Riot to create another female character that fits their demand Moreover,MOST IMPORTANTLY,i suggest a new function can be introduced to the game system:a filtering system, Riot can put a list of female skin that regarded as flirtatious style into a spicific category,and then you can select it or not at the setting option column,if you select no flirtatious style,then you will see no flirtatious skin when matching and playing in game in your own screen even when the other players choose that kind of skins.instead ,you will only see the classic skin.
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