Help me name my new rat.

I got a new rat. I wasn't planning to. I was looking at them and wanted to see if they were nice. I had my eyes set on 2 large black rex rats. But then this little guy comes up to me, nibbling me and trying to crawl into my hand and up my sleeve. So, the rat chose me, I didn't choose him. I have no pictures of this guy yet cause he won't hold still, but here's a little description of him: * He's dark grey-brown. * His left ear is more of a fancy rat ear, while his right ear is more like a dumbo's. * He has white on his tummy, tail tip, and paws. * Brown eyes. * No facial markings. I kind of don't want to name him anything League related. My brother already hates him and he'd hate him even more if I gave him a League name. However, if all else fails, he'll probably be named Jhin(I already have one named Whisper, after all) or Twitch.
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