Once again, something I said Riot should change has been implemented

Other things I've said that Riot's implemented (that I was mostly downvoted for, yet has actually made the game better): 1. * Increase turret vitality through protection or other means 2. * early surrenders from disconnects during loading screen 3. * Having a place to vent about ranked (though they took it down) 4. * Nerfing Klepto and other poorly designed runes and items. 5. * automatically assigning smite to those in jungler position 6. * giving people the opportunity to choose what they want to play. That's just a few of them. I said Akali should be visible through her shroud, and it was implemented Just gonna pat myself on the back..... again Here's the takeaway, just because you disagree and downvote someone to hell doesn't mean they are wrong.
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