aatrox got many nerf its time to give some buff to aatrox

{{champion:266}} most nerf riot have done with aatrox self revive its gone my idea aatrox buff give aatrox another passive blood well fills blood whatever aatrox attack on minion or champion aatrox take fatal damage aatrox will self revive walk sametime and get 40% maximun health cooldown 150 so aatrox have two passive blood well and Deathbringer Stance and aslo aatrox its now 43.13% wins rate on top aatrox jungle 44.29% wins rate and aatrox support 46.69% wins rate couse its low wins rate he need buff after got many nerf on him and aslo aatrox its worst rework in League of legend history most wins rate champion are Kled support 58.95% short post buff idea aatrox thank you you can check wins rate and pick rate https://champion.gg/statistics/ from champion GG Waring before you click its link you are leave from league of legend forums website #GiveAatroxBloodWell
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