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Recently I received an in-game survey asking me "If the price of skins is reasonable". I want to give a little more information about how a skin could be a little more tempting to purchase. I like the looks on some of the 1350 RP skins, but at the same time I also only really want it with a chroma (looking at you Yuumi). Now it costs $10 for this skin, which leaves me with 30 RP - 270 RP short of one chroma for this example. This means, if i want this skin + 1 chroma I need to spend another $5 minimum. While there are some bundles on the shop which give you say a 24% discount, these bundles are absurdly large and contain many skins/chromas I have no intention of ever using. There is no way I would ever purchase one of these bundles simple because of how many pointless things I would be paying for. My suggestion is to offer smaller bundles that allows you to buy a 1350 skin + 1 chroma for 1350 RP. These smaller bundles could be very limited time offers and allow you to pick your own chroma, but would be much more tempting for players like me who only use one skin per champion. I select my favorite and basically ignore the rest of the skins and chromas.
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