Serious Topic About the League of Legends Community do I begin? Let me start off by saying, I both love and hate League of Legends and its Community: But sadly this community is one of the largest but most toxic communities out there: No matter where you look you can always find one player insulting another, one player not helping his team because he is mad, or one player just outright feeding because he didn't get his way. - Nobody understands teamwork anymore: Supports no longer focus on keeping their team alive. Instead people are playing champions like Pyke, Lux, and Zyra as supports just because they can get more kills. And yes, I understand that they ARE in fact supports. But I personally feel like they could be elsewhere and do just as fine. - The Unskilled People who play are just as annoying to deal with as the Toxic ones. They bring champions to the wrong lanes, they bring the wrong runes because "a pro did it" or they saw it on YouTube. I understand people want to try new things, but that is what bot matches and custom games are for, so you don't have to have fun at the expense of ruining someone else's fun. Bot Matches, Custom Games, and the Training Tool are there so you can learn your new champion or test out new builds without affecting other people. - The "Wannabe Pros" these guys are the worst in my opinion. Before the game even starts they start trash-talking saying how good they are with their OTP (One Trick Pony) Mastery 7 Champ. ~~[I used to be one of these when I mained Soraka on my old account]~~ and then when they start failing they blame everyone on the team (most likely the jungler) instead of themselves for not playing safer. - The "Tyler1"'s. These guys are probably tied with the wannabe pros and very similar in many ways the only problem is they will tilt and rage over the smallest thing and be absolutely horrid to their teams before the game even starts. - They will ban a teammates champion because they do not like that champion or just because they feel like being rude. - They will instantly start bragging about how they are always doing good and then when they do poorly they blame the entire team, the enemy team, and the champion they themselves are playing by saying that the champion, team, and enemy team, are trash. - They will also complain about Riot itself in many ways, and then often resort to racial slurs when people call them out on their shortcomings. - The "Friendly Leaders" these guys are somwhat okay, they try to help the team by suggesting where to go, but they annoy me at least, because they try to tell you how to build and play your champions. These guys spend more time talking about how you are doing and less time focusing on the game. Then they turn into jerks when people don't listen to them. - You could be doing great one moment and they would compliment you and try offering advice, then if you decline their advice they completely change their tone and say you are playing horrible. - The "Silent". I could have left this section blank but people wouldn't get the joke. These types of players don't do anything. They don't talk, they don't ping, they don't emote. They just sit there and choose their champ. They have /mute all on and will rarely move from their lane of choice (Usually top or Mid) - And finally The "Kappa Troll" these people will purposefully try to ruin a game (Usually a Featured Game Mode or Ranked Match). They always respond with "Kek", "Kappa", or something similar. They will join a game mode and do something to ruin the fun for others and usually work in pairs of 2 or 3. - Going into Blind pick and "duo laning" or "duo jungle" claiming that it works. - Going into draft and doing the same thing as listed above but banning or selecting other peoples choices of champs and then doing something stupid with them. - Going into ranked and feeding on purpose or just refusing to gank as junglers, or something of the like. I am sure that a lot of you have come across these types of players. But, there are in fact good players out there who just want to have fun. - The "Noob" gets made fun of because they can't play certain roles and try to stick to what they know, but they are kind and just shrug off any attempt at insulting them and are willing to listen to directions, they usually listen to the advice of the "Friendly Leaders" because they know that if they don't they will get made fun of again. - The "Polite Player", similar to the "Noob" but understands how the game works, and will try to help other people out but ends up getting overshadowed by the "Friendly Leader" because, while they do not know how every champion works, they offer sometimes wrong suggestions. They try their best and honor people every game, they also say "GL & HF" before every game and "GG" after. They never finish a game and go "GGEZ". - The "Coach" similar to the "Friendly Leader" but is actually kind. They will suggest things and if you don't listen to them they don't get butthurt over it. These players are usually High Diamond or higher and understand how the game works and how to build champions, they even offer to help people by playing with them. - The "Newcomer" the one who tries his best no matter what, never surrenders unless 3 others have already said yes. He learns his champions and plays bot matches and custom games, even uses the practice tool to help decide the best build, he also looks up guides and tries to make his own builds without fully copying another persons build, even if that build was made by a challenger. - The "Level Booster" now people have mixed feelings about these people but I find them quite alright. They will happily play with lower level people to help them get used to the game quicker, they offer advice and will even suggest duo bot or jungle and top so that way the booster can help out more. These people also SOMETIMES gift RP meant for EXP Boosts. - The "Gifter" these people are the best. They gift people at random and usually end up gifting something nice, they have more money than they can handle and so they try to make other players (Usually new ones without skins) happy. - The "Filler" these guys just wanna play and don't care where they play. They have a handful of champions that they usually play and are actually very decent with them. They try their hardest and usually end up getting the brown end of the stick when they end up doing bad but they still honor the best person on their team. - The "Silent but Helpful" similar to the silent but they do actually ping and try to help. They just have /mute all on to avoid getting tilted. That's all I can think of at the moment. Only reason I started writing this is because I was getting tilted at a game where I had a lot of the bad players. All I can say now is I really wish people would try to better themselves, I myself am definitely trying my best to better myself. If you guys could up vote this so others can see it and understand the struggle some of us go through to finally find a good game please do. I really do love this game but the toxic community is just getting unbearable.
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