The Memote contest was A BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!

I must write a forum post because I can't send a comment with EUNE account. REALLY?! ALL you can give to the 25 honorable mentions is to show their SUMMONER NAMES?! What the f*** did they work for then?! They expected their artwork being shown in the honorable mentions! All the grand winners and runner ups are a rage expressions! I can see those won who adverted themselves on twitter. I read the PDF file and it said it's FORBIDDEN to encourage others on any social media to vote for you! Poppy and Bard won... why I am not surprised... both of them are super easy to draw. AND BARD'S EMOTION IS NOT EVEN INTENSE! I have seen much better artworks than these. And they followed the rules as well! BUT AT LEAST RESPECT THE HONORABLE MENTIONS WITH SHOWING THEIR ARTWORK! THERE ARE NO ANY LINKS TO THEIR WORKS! Over 4.000 "AWESOME" artwork?! And you don't even expand the honorable mentions to 30 or 40! Oh wait! YOU DON'T EVEN PUT THEIR ARTWORK IN THE ARTICLE! NOT EVEN A LINK!
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