The Akali subreddit just died along with the champion (my opinion)

Its a frustraring time for Akali mains and it seems like it will never stop. The subreddit has been filled with complaints about how the champion is not longer viable to play and not even fun at all. When someone post a video of a pentakill showing of skills theres a 100% chance something sarcastic will be posted about it. The champion is actually a joke atm Im not saying that Akali wasnt OP on rework release (cause she was) but at this point and after all the waiting and nerfs and buffs trying to balance her. It just feels like the rework didnt make it trough the way Riot intendet it to do. She is right now getting some tweaks on the PBE but its 2 things that can happen (that i imagine). Either her banrate is gonna rise or her banrate and winrate is gonna rise. Making it a loose loose situation no matter what. As she cant be played being banned ( capt obvious ) If these tweaks doesnt work out we'll have to wait even longer to actually enjoy her again. And its just gonna be an everlasting problem that never ends. Riot have done an amazing job reworking champions and finding quick ways to balance those champions in to league. But its just so different with Akali for some reason. Show her some love riot please. Even if that means reverting her.
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