what makes your favorite champion your favorite?

We have two little dogs, alright? One of them favors my mom and follows her everywhere she goes. The other favors me and follows me everywhere I go. I was wondering what makes animals and people tend to favor some people over others. Then I realized that's probably really hard to make a correct answer for. Onto the topic. What makes your favorite champion your favorite champion? I remember when I first saw Evelynn's model I thought, "she's hot but I don't really care that much." Then I saw her kit and thought, "she's just a shittier Elise." I didn't really even like the champion until I heard her voice lines and the delivery of those lines. They're pretty perfect. I latched onto her because I'm a flirt irl and pretty pervy tbh. I've grown to like her kit, though. I didn't always like it. Why do you like the champion you like?
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