Riot's Hextechnician system is frustrating, They aren't even answering their own tickets anymore.

So I've been trying to get into contact with a Rioter over their support ticket system for a few issues I have (Both on this account and other accounts). I've been wanting to speak to Rioter directly about the more serious account issues I am having on my other account but all I keep getting is live chats with "Hextechnician's" I didn't know what a Hextechnician was until I looked it up. According to the Riot support page, a Hextechnician is not a Rioter, it's not even some third party company. No, Hextechnician's are just people from the forums who basically answer your ticket with the answer "Go post about it on the forums" Now the Hextechnician I spoke to was nice don't get me wrong but a regular player from the forums is not going to be able to help me with my issue. I have tried multiple times under multiple categories to chat with an actual Rioter but they just keep forwarding me to these Hextech guys who basically tell me to suck it up and rant about it on the forums. I HATE this hextechnician system, it's not the faults of the players that are part of the program but when Iw ant to speak to a Rioter about my issue I simply can't do that now because Riot has walled off their own support by this new system. Like I said, the Hextech guys are very nice and helpful on certain normal things so it's not their fault and I'm not blaming them but for other situations that involve personal account data I HAVE to speak to a Rioter and now I simply just can't do that.
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