WHYY DID YOU BUFF YI, This game is awful when Yi is strong, he should NEVER be allowed strong.

You remove old Aatrox because he's a no "counterplay statchecK". Then you buff Yi, the poster child for the brainless pentakill. I was just playing Xerath against him, and it's funny just how polar opposite these champions are. Apparently my weak ass skillshots need to have delay but Yi's point and click nuke dodge shouldn't. 54% winrate Diamond 60% winrate Masters and GM The game is NEVER fun when Yi is strong. He wasn't even bad before, you just broke him for no reason. Stop letting interns balance the fucking game, this game feels so amateur now. There's too many champions to ban now. Just because you fixed Riven doesn't mean you should go force us to ban another champ. He legit just 1v3d our botlane and jungler with a recurve bow because you can't hit him with skillshots anymore. Every stun in this game has a cast time, which means he can dodge 100% now without prediction. My group of 10 and I are uninstalling till you fix this, this is unacceptable to make this mistake AGAIN.
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