!!ATTENTION RIOT!! (Put RUMBLE into TFT to bring back his relavence in league and help improve him!)

I think Rumble {{champion:68}} has been overlooked in league alot. Majority of my fanbase even if its little consists of people loving that I play Rumble for my main and that my personality can match his. Honestly , I feel more can be done with the character. When people think of yordles, they usually think of every other yordle before they think about Rumble. I get it, in the lore he is picked on for being a runt, he becomes introverted and tinkers in his junkyard becuase he thinks society doesn't believe in his way of thinking. All he wants to do is prove that he can be great even if all he has is scrapes of metal for tools. As long as you can be creative, have a strong will power, sooner or later people will take notice and strt to join the cause. *ahem* (sorry for the motivational speech, just trying to give my little mechanized menace to have a fighting stance in the whole ordial.) Please Help this little guy out. He needs love and attention!!!!
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