making an apology to riot (if itll even be seen by them)

the past few months I have been really negative towards riot. mostly keeping it to myself myself but I have made a post or two saying how much im hating them or that they don't even care about us anymore amd I have been complaining in games about it. ive had a rough couple months with stress from trying to do well in school (training for my career here so I stress myself out if I feel im not doing well) so I can potentially have my dream job. on top of school ive missed some work days over stress and just staying uplate gaming to calm myself and got into a little bit of trouble for that so that kinda angered me aswell. I sincerely don't mean or want to be negative to the makers of the first game I truly got a competitive drive to test myself and see how far I can go. I know being this way affects my gameplay and it will affect my life too if I let myself get so angry and stressed all the time, so I apologize to you riot for my behavior (in and out of game) and promise to try and better myself for my games sake and my personal life. to anyone that does see this, if you have any tips to not get so stressed out please let me hear them. edit: I log in to league to play a few games just now and see I finally got back to lvl 1 honor. lets get that level 5 boys
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