A picture of the better of my two shitty fish tanks.

https://imgur.com/a/maDuECg The tank is a fluval flex 15 gallon (with filter modified so that it won't blow the betta fish around) In it I have * One betta fish (from a coworker who was gonna flush it :0) * A few cherry shrimp * Four Amano/Algae shrimp (you can see one in the bottom left) * A few plants * Two big boy snails (not pictured, unfortunately). Bothe are Nerites I used to have like ~25 Red Cherry Shrimp who were doing really well, but I prioritized the betta's life over their's. It looks kinda like butt right now because I let the algae get out of control, but I added the amanos yesterday to counteract that. I'm probably going to add some tetras or Corydora Catfish or something at some point because one fish and two snails is no where near the capacity of a 15 gallon tank. --- my other tank looks like garbage because I made it before I had any idea how to aquascape or anything. I'm embarassed to show a picture of it tbh.
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