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Has anyone else tried to deal with these people and their never ending stream of copy paste automated responses to well thought out logical questions? I'm not sure I've ever dealt with a worse level of customer support than RIOT, and judging by a lot of old forum posts, I know I'm not the only one. It almost feels as if they don't even read complaints/issues before sending an automated canned response. What i find peculiar is this. It seems as if RIOT is a hyper liberal silicon valley based company with those really over the top liberal ideals, and that's fine. But if they have this over the top ideals that are founded in one key concept, empathy.... why don't they use that same empathy when dealing with their customers? I have never had a more unpleasant experience with ANY major companies customer support in my 36 years (yes I'm old lol). My problem isn't even the fact they choose not to resolve my issue, it's that they aren't even taking the time to listen. Anyone else having these issues with support? Thanks
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