The KDA video was great, but I just can't get over...

How freakin' bland Kai'sa is in it. It's like all the issues with her character followed her into the pop universe. Ahri is the aloof, pouty model. Akali the street-rapper punker and Eve the bad girl seductive diva. What is Kai'sa? A... dancer? She didn't exactly seem to get any vibrant dance numbers to herself or anything. She just seemed like a very bland and generic pretty girl to fill space. If she hadn't been in the group at all, I think the whole thing would have actually been BETTER, due to putting more time into the other three. She was underwhelming as all hell compared to the personality showed by the other girls. And don't get me wrong, the video was great. The Akali rap in particular was freaking awesome. Kai'sa tho... yeesh. Just kinda sheds light on how much of a generic pretty girl with no depth she is. I honestly thought she was Irelia for half the video and, and it seemed like she had nothing special about her. Just a thing I noticed that no one else seems to be mentioning. Am I alone in thinking she was the lowest point of an otherwise stellar video and concept?
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