Yuumi "rework" buff or nearf? (yuumi mains pls ;D)

The title says it all. what is your oppinion about yuumi. I relly want to hear and hope may rito reads this. As main i think its a big nearf. 1. the w chast channel destroys my live. you have to predict skillshots to dash instead of use w to bait them. i never had mana problems so i dont need the passiv mana. and even if i had problems i still would have them because of the cost increases. 2. cant w after root: you are yuumi means you are dead when rooted to 99%. if you are good you use your e the right way and survive (with 2 stacks) now you have no speed (no boots, no flash) and die every time. 3. i think q is fine. more base dmg less scaling. i always play yuumi as sup so i dont care. 4. 1 w stack??? her burst healing was so good because of the 2 x e. as good yuumi your adc cant die if you do heal - shield - heal with doing dmg for the better heal item and dont die while in 5 enemys out of teammades. now you better stay in these champs because: better w scaling when in camp. pushish with channel w time MEANS you are dead when you want to shield 2 v 4. (i offen won these fights cut i had my 5 cs go minutes ;D) and your e is up faster so you have to stay to insta e every time you can. fazit: i think yuumi is now a better spam e afk bot then a real easy-to-learn hard-to-master champ. and i hate her rework. btw. i found this in riots patch notes: "Aery is a lot more optimal on her, not Arcane Comet" well its not. because you only have 1 fcking e stack and you need more time for w to get aery (my opinnion)
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