Trolling poopy strategy after receiving 0 ganks. What should i do ?

So basically today i played Jarvan 4 in Silver 4 jungle. Everything was going fine, i got a leash from my toplaner ( which is the poopy) and i was farming and all and around 10 minute mark she/he started to flame me for being "noob jg" to which i responded that I am not willing to gank a losing lane and especially gank Darius. To that she started to flame me for having more farms than adc and just said all the time in chat that she wont help losing lane (even though there was a teamfight rising in mid) and besides that was wandering all around and farming, not helping and just saying that she will not help losing lanes (a.k.a. all lanes because they were being pushed). What should I do ? Is that against community guidelines/rules ? Should i write a ticket and if yes what should i say there ?
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