Unfair Club Name and Club Tag Reset

Hello, this is likely going to be a controversial topic due to the nature of the name of my club, but please do give it a chance, however I recently received an email off support ( https://imgur.com/a/0uRrGpT ) saying that my club has been found in violation of the terms of use, resulting in an account ban as well as my club name and club tag being reset. The club of which I am owner or well, previous owner before this happened is called 'Loli' on EUW, both the club name and club tag were both 'Loli' as well, so it is relatively neutral and in my opinion doesn't break any of Riots terms of use, and does not insinuate anything negative, harmful or anything else the support agent has said in my support ticket. I do believe I have been unfairly punished because it seems to be on the basis of 'many people' having reported it but also the support agent claiming the club had 'Lolicon', which it has not and is not, and has never been, or something I will ever advocate. Especially as the club was named after anime, and not anything sinister. This club was also created the very first few moments when clubs were released on EUW, so I have put a lot of effort into the making and maintaining of the club, I will even go as far to say that my club is one of the rarer more managed type of club, as it seems that a lot of people just use them for the tag or just for memeing. The dilemma for me as well is that I built a community around this club, one of which will most likely start to dwindle now due to having no fresh flow of people, as I linked our Discord channel with the requirements of joining the club. I also do feel I'm likely jumping the gun a bit here, as it only being a day after the incident, however the ticket has been put on 'Hold' and I am having doubts that it will ever be addressed again, or that I will ever get the club name or club tag back, as they have already been taken by another user (why the names weren't outright banned if Riot had an issue, I won't know). Furthermore, my account is still permanently banned, so this is even more of a bad situation for me. All I want is my club to be reverted to as it was, this is an unfortunate situation I have been put into that I don't feel I deserve, as it is honestly an innocent club, that does not advocate anything negative, harmful, illegal or otherwise said in the support ticket by the support agent. TLDR Received email off support saying my club has been reset, as the club name and club tag 'Loli' is somehow against their Terms of Use, and being unfairly forced to change to something else that isn't taken, but the club name and club tag have already been taken by other people.
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