I refuse to play ranked TFT until item RNG is properly fixed.

Look, I'm just going to be blunt here. TFT is 90% luck 5% positioning and 5% skill. I want to take this game mode seriously, and I am willing to accept the fact that RNG is part of the champion pool and what you get + the refresh button. Cool I get it -- that's part of the game. What I do not accept, however, is having to consistently verse people that have 7 full items, when I have maybe, at the most, 2 full items. It isn't fair, there isn't any skill involved in them getting handed free items -- if anything it's handicap for me. I don't respect other players that are winning, and when I view their arena, they have 7 full items. The idea that someone is playing TFT in ranked, and getting gold or higher, because they lucked out on drops, is ludicrous. Until this game is balanced in a way that makes it so someone can't consistently win over good luck, ranked is a joke. I'll say it again for the angry kids with good luck in the back -- I understand that HEARTHSTONE and other games have "luck" involved, but the TFT equivalent of that should have been luck of champs, not luck of "if you'll get an item at all." A very EASY fix to this _would_ have been if RIOT had just made it so creep rounds always dropped items for everyone, but they were randomized. That would still have RNG in the process, and people wouldn't snowball so fast.
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