Riot, WTF are you doing?!?!

Ok I know there are probably hundreds of these kinds of posts, but the more the better, that means that what Riot is doing is a problem. Ok first of all I have to point out that I am on vacation so I haven't had to deal with these issues, and I hopefully won't have to when I get back in a couple months. 9.14 was starting off for me when I saw it the first time as a pretty big patch, and pretty commendable considering the fact of how much time Riot is spending on TFT. And don't get me wrong, the game is awesome, but Riot is spending more time dealing with TFT and perfecting the gamemode. And whats happening, and I don't know what department deals with this stuff, is their main game, League of Legends, the Moba everyone knows and loves, is going down the dump. Now hopefully after this TFT tournament Riot will start chugging on fixing the game, and I really hope so too, I mean Riot has THOUSANDS of hardworking employees, right? Not gonna lie, I saw the video of eScore eSports and their video of Riot's team, "work ethic," and it disgusted me. Riot seriously, you have NO excuse as for why YOUR game is going trash, seriously, I've been finding that watching Mobile Legends is more entertaining than League (that was a joke, just trying to make a point). I hope that one of the more important Riot employees that can make a difference to the game is seeing what's going on, and I hope those people who are in charge of the game, the head honchos, are working their ass's off to fix the game instead of playing TFT. I did this off of my phone because I'm tired of seeing this crap on YouTube and Twitch. I mean, the moment I saw the video of FAKER, the Faker, having to deal with the Annie Glitch with her infinite stun, I just clicked.
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