Impossible to get out of low elo

So i know what your instant thoughts are about low elo players. I know that I still need to learn the game, but i know a lot of things/the basics. I know when to go in and lane control and all of that. So my rank is Bronze 1. I used to be 2 tiers higher, but have been getting demoted a ton. It seems every game i get into my team doesn't play so much for object, rather than kills. Every once and a while i will come across someone else who has clearly been stuck in the lower tiers also, because they know what to do and when to do it. One of the things i have seen in other discussions about this is how you need to carry your team to victory yourself. and i understand this, but what i don't understand is how I am supposed to do that when my team is solo roaming everywhere feeding, or just feeding in lane. For example, there have been many games where bot lane in particular starts off pretty bad and can't come back from being behind. This seems to happen a lot. So what I am trying to say here is, i can't carry when my team is feeding the whole enemy team. People don't know how to come back. And some ppl even straight up give up. Another thing i saw in another discussion is someone asking if the person is being commanding/a leader. This is another big problem. Teammates won't listen to you no matter what. I'll ping one million times to not do something and they still do it, and end up feeding more. I don't understand how people can just go in time and time again dying over and over expecting something to change. And then I try to type in chat to them. I try to give pointers like, "you probably shouldn't try to 1v2 a fed bot lane." and they will get triggered and end up saying i am toxic or something. I never try to flame anyone, I'm just trying to give pointers to lead us to victory, but it never works. And they will also try to flip it on to me saying how i am 2 an 6 or something like that, but they don't understand it's because they are feeding my lane when my lane roams. I'll ping until i can't ping, but I guess they ignore it or something, because ill look at the top of my screen and see my lane opponent got a double kill. And all of things get worse as I get demoted lower and lower making it harder and harder to win idk what to do. I want to be good at the game and learn new stuff in higher tiers. I want to be good at some point but things like this take all of my motivation away. I've been playing for a year and this has been my experience, not too great any tips will help, i need answers
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