Riot should disable new/reworked champions in ranked for the first week

Happens with every new/reworked champion that comes out.{{champion:518}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:517}}{{champion:84}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:81}}get spammed in soloq if they arnt banned which usually results in someone impule picking them even tho they have no clue what their kit is, and giving the other team free lp. Someone who has 0-5 games on a brand new champion almost always results in a loss at low elo, because unlike anything higher then plat1 people dont care about their wins. I mean id even be happy if they forced you to play 5 games of normals to unlock the champ in ranked, cuz getting a first time kayle who has no clue whats going on or what kayle's new kit does is kinda tilting
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