Saying Riot banning people is stealing is considered Trolling?

Lets say I start playing League, I level up and like the game. So I buy skins in the amount of $500.00 worth of RP. Then I play some games and run into some trolls and think that its pretty lame when they throw games. I get better and start playing in Ranked, buy some more skins for about $300.00 in RP get into a promos match, and encounter some trolls again, I tell them to stop, get pissed off, they insult me, I bark back with some insults, tell everyone to report the guys ruining my game. I get chat restricted. Keep playing, chat restriction is lifted, I get to promos, I win, I buy some more skins. ($300.00) I play more ranked, encounter afks feeders and trolls, and tell people to report, get 14 day suspension. Two weeks later I play again, and now I have zero honor and get grouped with trolls every game until I lose my shit and curse out the afk jungler and the int feeding mid laner. 14 day suspension. Now is when you can either quit league and save your account or keep playing in the troll dregs of zero honor. What I did was quit the game for a year and return with free Honor 2 restored. Lets explore what happens with an alternate scenario: I play after my second 14 day suspension and encounter some trolls, but I am careful not to say anything, and I take some losses until I get a good team with no trolls and win some games. I like the game again, and buy some skins, lets keep it safe this time so its only $100.00 in RP for skins, with a total of $1200.00 in a year of playing. I play some more games, and have feeders and trolls in several games and get mad, keep playing like an idiot and pop off on some of the people who are trolling, and they report me. Perma Banned. Riot Stole $1200.00 Because there is no recourse for the problem, and for the money spent on the skins. If I were going to be more accurate with this situation, I would have spent more money over a longer period of time. Banning someone who has spent over $1000.00 on this game is stealing something huge to most people who play this game, it is unethical, and causes monetary hardship on people, other than people who were trolling in the game, who can get away with this trolling and don't cause any monetary damage to anyone, just grief in game and loss of rank if you are in ranked. This is why I say Riot is stealing when they Perma ban players WHO SPEND MONEY. Terms of Use are not laws. Terms of Use do not override state laws. Riot did not invent a sovereign nation of their own to provide themselves the ability to make their own laws, so posting the ToU does not help your argument. Taking people's money by selling in game currency is not people donating to Riot, it is a purchase and is protected under the consumer rights protections laws.
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