Don't Mean to Hate on the Boards But...

People here come off as overwhelmingly negative. I don't know, and maybe it's just that negativity and controversy draws in votes and comments but it feels like there's always something to criticize. New champ comes out? If there's nothing wrong with kit, then its the lore, if there's nothing wrong with the lore, it's the kit, and if both are fine, "She's a girl with boobs, stop sexualizing every female character, Riot sexist." Honestly, I just wish people in general would be more polite but then again, this is the internet. I'm basically wishing for pigs to fly. But even then, why not emphasize what we like about the game, not what we hate? Riot is drawn to whoever and whatever becomes popular so why not go that route instead? It just feels toxic to read a thread, hoping for some informed criticism and discussions, only to find a wall of flame. I'll admit that I'm not innocent in this. I've flamed in the past but I always make it a point to keep a level head. It's something that I constantly work on but every now and then, I can lose my cool. That being said, it doesn't make my point any less valid. Everyone could use a little less negativity.
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