Stop using elo as an argument.

When your talking about balance elo doesn't matter. Now don't get me wrong there will be certain Champions different elos will find differing opinions on. However when talking about balance you need to look at it from an objective standpoint. Sometimes you will have champions that really are to strong even if they are only dominating in higher elo or only dominating in lower elo. Being a gm does not make you an expert at balance nor does being bronze. However both can make decent points when you ignore elo. I myself am a bad player I have trouble with mechanichal skill and game knowledge. However you can look at more then your personal experience. Ex. Everyone says tahm kench is overpowered and is overtuned. I have not had an issue when fighting him he has almost always lost lane to me. He gets somewhat annoying mid game to me but by late game he can't do anything. Point is personal expierience needs to be excluded due to champion choices and so does elo. People need to stop looking at it from there expierience, now it can start from there but when it comes to debating it leave the personal expierience out of it. Valid points I.M.O Kit Damage Tankiness Winrate Banrate A part of the kit that abuses a certain item Etc.
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